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Parent-Student Roles


The parent has the primary and sacred responsibility to educate their child in the faith.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Religious Education Program will assist you in the responsibility.  It is essential to your child’s growth and development that you live the life of faith at home.  The effectiveness of our religious education program depends on this.  The child learns in his or her religious education class that celebrating the Eucharist on Sunday as a community is essential to being a Catholic.  Therefore, the child must attend the weekly Sunday or Saturday liturgy supported by his/her parents.

It is very important to realize that the values and views that you have as a parent/guardian, becomethe values and views of your child.  Your child receives a “mixed message” when what is taught bythe Church is not experienced by the child in his/her family.


Parents are responsible for the transportation of their children to and from Immaculate Heart of MarySchool where Religious Education Classes take place.  The only exception would be those studentswho have permission to walk to and from their home, or for those who take public transportation.

We ask that when you come to drop off or pick up your child/ren, to please park in the South Lotand walk over to the school. There will be a polce officer on the corner of Gaylor and Boulevard to helpwith crossing. The parking lot in front of the school will not be open.


For your child’s safety, it is essential that he or she not be dropped off or picked up more than 10minutes before or after the scheduled time.  The parish cannot guarantee supervision beyond thesetimes.  If you come early for pick up, please wait outside in the designated dismissal area. Students should leave the school premises after classes are dismissed.  There is to be no unnecessary”hanging around” before or after class.  Non-students are not permitted on the grounds at any time.



  • To have regular attendance at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
  • To participate in the Rite of Reconciliation on a regular basis
  • To live a moral life that reflects the values and teachings of Jesus Christ


  • To have weekly attendance at religious education classes
  • To come to class prepared with notebook, textbook, and other necessary materials
  • To complete all homework assignments
  • To do the very best work possible. Just “getting by” is not a worthwhile goal.


The students are expected to treat their fellow classmates and faculty with respectbefitting the atmosphere of orderly learning in a Christian setting.  A catechistmay call a parent or dismiss a student from class for uncooperative behavior.  If amajor discipline problem occurs, the student and his or her parents will meet with theCoordinator.  Here are some basic rules we ask you to review with your child. Each student is asked to:

  • be on time for class
  • raise hands before speaking and not to talk while another person is speaking
  • show respect for other people’s property
  • use appropriate language
  • look at displays, projects or bulletin boards, but do not touch or destroy them
  • walk through the hallways
  • keep hands to themselves
  • take care of bathroom needs before coming to class (there are exceptions)
  • cell phones and i-pods need to be turned off during class
  • finish eating and drinking before coming to class
  • throw out their chewing gum before coming to class
  • leave inappropriate paraphernalia at home


When coming to Immaculate Heart of Mary Religious Education Classes, we ask that the students dress appropriately.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • For safety reasons, “Wheelies” are NOT allowed in the school, at any time.
    Shorts must be NO shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Spaghetti straps, tube tops, and midriff shirts are never to be worn to class
    OR to ANY event held in the church.
  • If boys have a hat, it MUST be removed when entering the building.

Calls will be made if necessary