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First Holy Communion

Eucharist (Communion) is the Sacrament of love and unity. It is the community’s grateful celebration of its identity with the words of our Lord to “do this in memory of me.” One of the main focuses of our First Eucharist curriculum is to familiarize our children with the main events of Jesus’ life, and to help them participate more meaningfully in the action of Mass, and to receive Christ’s body and blood in Communion in an informed and reverant manner. First Eucharist takes place in May of the Second Grade.


The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is the heart of Christian life. Together with the help of our catechists we ask you to:

  • be responsible for nurturing your child in his/her faith
  • serve as models for your children and attend Mass regularly with your family
  • participate in Masses and retreats to help your child prepare for this very special Sacrament
  • take time with your child to talk about the Eucharist
  • read bible stories and pray together

The second grade students attend a family retreat. Catechists, parents, and priests usually run this retreat. The day involves an age appropriate meditation, 3 workshops and a prayer service.